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Dear friends!

For several years, the artistic dance direction has been successfully developing in Russia within the framework of the full-fledged branch of the RTS, and the number of members of the international organization WADF - the World Artistic Dance Federation - is growing rapidly.

It would seem that quite recently we took the first steps towards the formation of this new direction for us, and today artistic dance tournaments in Moscow are stably held several times throughout the season, gathering a huge number of participants, while the level of performing dancers is growing, and the level of the events themselves.

Artistic dance provides a unique opportunity for absolutely every dancer to express themselves, regardless of age, level of training and the presence or absence of a partner. It attracts more and more people who are keen on dancing because it opens up new perspectives and opportunities for self-improvement for them. Artistic dance is loved by groups and dance ensembles, which have many interesting show numbers to their credit and can present them in team competitions and showcases.

Every year, WADF expands the number of directions and disciplines in which competitions are held, seeking to attract performers of different genres to its ranks - not only classical ballroom and Latin American dances, but also modern trends, disco, street dance, oriental dances, ethno, and this is not limit! And, it should be noted, the dance section of the Carribean program enjoys tremendous success, where the dancers' performance skills grow every day and every tournament


We are very pleased to see the rapid growth and successful development of the RTS Artistic Dance Department. I wish dancers, teachers, parents and all people interested in artistic dance, creative success and inspiration, prosperity of the organization and beautiful dance events with a wonderful atmosphere!

To apply for participation, you must register a membership in the Membership Request section, after that you will receive a login and password for your team, which makes it possible to register participants, when registering, indicate a valid phone number and mail, the organizer will contact you in any case! In case of registration of individual dancers who are not part of the collective, for instructions, as well as for any other questions - contact the organizer .

Dance and be happy!

Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, President of the Russian Dance Union

Stanislav Popov


"First of all, all this became possible thanks to the efforts and inspiration of one very beautiful and very active woman, who miraculously combines fragility and strength, femininity and strong-willed character."

Marina Alyoshina

Russian System WADF
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