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Follow the instructions please:

  1. Find great image for your show. Give preference to horizontal images, the best resolution is 1280x720 pixels. Only jpg files are accepted. The deadline to upload images is March 5, 2019. Only pre-submitted images will be shown at the championship. Images brought on flash drives in the days of the competition will not be shown!

  2. Find the ID of your show performance in the timetable

  3. Rename your image using a pattern: ID_DancerOrClubName_ShowName.jpg For example, if your ID is 12345, your second name is Smith, and your show name is Little Cowboy, rename your image to 12345_Smith_LittleCowboy.jpg or if your ID is 9876, your club name is CoolClub and your show name is Ideal Composition rename your image to 9876_CoolClub_IdealComposition.jpg If more than one dancer please include all dancers names, for example 12345_Smith_Johns_Doe_LittleCowboys.jpg

  4. Send your image to

  5. After review you will receive confirmation that your image is accepted or rejected and the necessary corrections

If you have any questions - write or WhatsApp +79262072089

Русская версия:

Переименуйте изображение по шаблону:
ID_ФамилияТанцора(ов)илиНазваниеКлуба_НазваниеШоу.jpg  Например если номер категории 12345, фамилия танцора Иванов а название шоу Крутое Шоу - переименуйте изображение в 12345_Иванов_КрутоеШоу.jpg  Еще пример: Ваш номер категории 9876, название клуба Лучший Клуб, название шоу Идеальное Шоу - переименуйте изображение в 9876_ЛучшийКлуб_Идеальное Шоу.jpg Если в шоу участвует более одного танцора включите в имя файла все фамилии, к примеру 12345_Иванов_Петров_Сидоров_МалышиКрутыши.jpg

Take a picture and share it in INSTAGRAM with the hashtag #‎ArtisticDanceMoscow2022

Your photos will be printed automatically, and you can pick it up on a table in the lobby, looking for a sign Free Instagram Print

  • Only one photo will be printed from one instagram account

  • Your photo may be used in the Internet for promotional purpose

  • Your Instagram account must be public before you publish a photo

  • If you share a photo as your account has not been public, it will not be printed. To still print it, make your account public and share photo again, do not forget the hashtag.

  • If your photo still not printed, check the spelling of hashtag, if everything is correct, please came back later, photo can be in the queue

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